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As we advance our sustainability we are transforming science, revolutionizing our value chain, and engaging stakeholders—our triple bottom line.

Transforming Science

Transforming science
Our products have the potential to address 21st century challenges: improved healthcare, safe food and water, cleaner fuel, protected genetic diversity, and a healthy environment.

Revolutionizing Value Chain

Revolutionizing our value chain
As both customer and supplier, we are working toward keeping valuable resources within a closed-loop system.

Engaging Stakeholders

Engaging stakeholders
We are passionate people who are always looking for a better way. Our success is linked to our communities, customers, and suppliers.

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Cristina Amorim

Our purpose —Shaping Discovery, Improving Life— drives our commitment to sustainability. We believe we have an obligation to help humanity thrive.

Our progress is made possible by our sustainability team— each and every employee that is challenging our way of doing things every single day. Our common commitment is making us smarter, more efficient, and better overall.

Today we are broadening our sustainability reach. We’re challenging all fundamental assumptions, driving innovative partnerships, and dusting off once-shelved projects that are finally cost-effective. It’s never been more exciting to be involved in sustainability; we can focus on exporting our solutions to help customers reduce total cost of ownership. This will enable us to thrive in the circular economy.

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