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We are passionate people who are always looking for a better way: better ways to think, lead people, and deliver results. We are driven by the breakthrough, the next big idea, the discovery. We know that we cannot do this alone. Our success is linked to the communities in which we live and work—our customers and our suppliers.


Our commitments

2012 highlights

Inspire the next generation of life scientists

Launched InnovatioNationTM to strengthen science education, reaching more than 1,000 students Learn more ›

Empower innovators to find solutions to global sustainability challenges

Created award-winning e-learning community, delivering 21,400+ career development modules to 4,400 employees     Learn more ›

Advocate with tenacity and compassion for the safe and ethical application of biotechnology

Mobilized support for science funding, campaigning to fight cuts to the US National Institutes of Health, which supports hundreds of thousands of life science jobs     Learn more ›

Lead in sustainability through partnerships

Partnered with DNA Saves and the National Center for Victims of Crime to boost the impact of DNA evidence     Learn more ›


Sustainability highlights: