Public Policy

Grounded in science.
Driven by innovation.
Engaged in policy.

Public policy impacts our products and customers. In turn, Life Technologies products enable our customers to find solutions to pressing global challenges. We’ve put together a number of examples of the many ways Life Technologies is engaging the policy making process and creating innovative scientific tools to address real world problems.

Government Relations Guide

From food safety efforts and R&D spending to tax changes, legislative activity directly impacts science and technology.

As a company committed to improving the human condition, Life Technologies continues to shape policies that foster safe, effective and beneficial products. We work with state, federal and international legislative and regulatory bodies to advance public policy in areas such as:

  • Biomedical research funding and stem cell research
  • Intellectual property policies that foster and reward innovation
  • Regulatory and reimbursement frameworks that drive the onset of personalized medicine
  • Alternative fuel policies
  • DNA-based techniques for human identification, crime solving and food safety

We also stay connected to public policy conversations by participating in a number of trade organization and coalitions, such as the Biotechnology Industry Organization, the Personalized Medicine Coalition and United for Medical Research.

Working with Governments

Life Technologies conducts business with US federal, state and local governments, as well as government agencies worldwide. We observe special legal and regulatory requirements. Our employees in contact with government officials must maintain the highest professional standards. Our Protocol guides our actions in proper payments, lobbying political activities, fundraising and contributions, government contracts and government investigations.

Our Protocol

Sustainability highlights: