Product Stewardship

Developing products and packaging with minimal life cycle impacts

Paperless Manuals

We provide online technical manuals that are easier to use and less wasteful than shipping a paper manual with each product. This is one more step we are taking toward reducing waste and creating a smaller footprint, while improving customers' access to product information.

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We are continuously assessing and improving the health effects, safety, and environmental impact of our products, processes, and services. We go beyond compliance and look at the entire life cycle of the product, incorporating Design for the Environment (DfE), as well as product safety and product compliance.

We aim to build energy-efficient instruments from the outset, developing alternative solutions that eliminate or minimize exposure to hazardous materials, and incorporating source reduction, reuse, and recycling into product design.

To address all of the business elements associated with product launches, including sustainability, we use a rigorous phase-gate Product Commercialization Process. These gates are designed to review and approve each step of the product introduction life cycle: Conceptualization, Definition, Development, Manufacturing, Confirmation and Sales.

Product Stewardship involves three key areas:

1. Design for Environment: Uses innovative techniques and strategies that minimize the environmental impact of products and processes by using less hazardous materials and packaging, reducing pollution and waste.

2. Product Safety: Addresses safety concerns of our instruments to manage hazards and risks. Also includes health and safety concerns not mitigated by Design for Environment initiatives. Hazards of our products are communicated through labeling and product literature. Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are generated in multiple languages.

3. Product Compliance: Ensures that our products and materials can be sold and distributed globally, meeting chemical control laws and international requirements for movement of reagents. All new instruments meet regulations restricting hazardous substances and end-of-life directives.


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