Scientist with Pipettes

Our products have the potential to address some of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century: clean water and safe food, improved healthcare, protected genetic diversity, and a healthy environment.

“Our goal is to bring the power and the potential of life sciences to the people. We're now at the point where you can start taking these tools to the energy industry, to the agricultural industry, to food safety, to the benefit of patients. And that applied biology represents an important future for this company.”

Our commitments

2012 highlights

Conquer humankind’s most serious diseases

  • Use medical advances made possible by genetic sequencing to facilitate a new era of medical treatment that alleviates the health and economic burdens on society
  • Hasten the development of more effective medicines, vaccines, and clinical solutions


Expanded molecular diagnostics business, acquiring full spectrum capability to develop and commercialize cancer diagnostics where there is currently great unmet need   Learn more ›

Ensure future energy supplies & tackle climate change

  • Deliver renewable energy using a new generation of synthesized biofuels
  • Develop biological systems that capture carbon emissions on a large scale Built renewable momentum through biofuel


Enabled a breakthrough in algae bioproduction, offering the potential to increase algae robustness in biofuel synthesis   Learn more ›

Document & protect genetic diversity

  • Develop the technologies to enable sequencing and archiving of the genes of a multitude of species
  • Synthetically mimic selected characteristics of natural organisms to eliminate the need to harvest from nature


Collaborated with the USDA and Germany's IPK on a breakthrough that will facilitate new crop breeding programs  Learn more ›

Create a world of plenty

  • Produce abundant food by providing the tools needed to develop new, high-yield, nutrient-rich crops that grow in challenging environments
  • Improve the safety and efficiency of food and water distribution through better testing and monitoring


Partnered with the UK's Health Protection Agency, delivering leading food testing and monitoring solutions to ensure food safety at the London Olympic Games  Learn more ›

Promote justice & highly accurate human identification

  • Empower law enforcement with increasingly accurate DNA analysis
  • Provide technology and infrastructure support to officials working in human identification and family reunification


Raised the bar in criminal forensic testing, launching a powerful new tool to help labs solve crimes five times faster and more cost-effectively   Learn more ›


Sustainability highlights: