The bottle matters

The award winning bottle shape came to life because we listened to you.  You told us that pipetting in the hood can be painful and awkward,  that you worry about contamination, that you need reproducible results.  We listened, because you matter.  The Gibco® bottle is easier to use in the hood, reduces the risk of contamination and helps you perform cell culture more consistently.  Gibco®.  Because every little thing matters.

Our most popular cell culture products can be purchased in the Gibco®.

Gibco® Media


Successful research outcomes depend upon achieving reproducible results every day. Our cell culture media provides the quality and consistency you depend upon.

Gibco® Reagents


Our cell culture reagents are infused with quality, customer-focused innovation and service excellence from beginning to end.  Our products always provide the highest quality, consistency and performance – for results that you can count on every day.

Gibco® Sera


Our serum provides excellent cell culture performance demonstrated by consistent, reproducible cell growth.  You trust Gibco® serum to be of the highest quality, readily available, consistent from lot-to-lot  & supported by technical & regulatory expertise.