Molecular and Cell Biology Essentials

You expect excellence, reliability, and selection every day. That's why Invitrogen™ products are developed with an unwavering commitment to offering the broadest range of superior quality, differentiated reagents, kits, and benchtop devices that are easy to access and easy to buy.


Featured Invitrogen™ Applications


Platinum®, Accuprime®

Reverse Transcription

SuperScript®, ThermoScript™

Cloning/Synthetic Biology

GeneArt®, TOPO®, One Shot®, Gateway®, Electromax®, Dh5 Alpha®, Vector NTI®

Cellular & Stem Cell Production

For cell therapy, regenerative medicine, immunotherapy


Lipofectamine®, Neon®

DNA/RNA Purification

E-Gel®, ChargeSwitch®, PureLink®, Qubit®

Cellular Analysis

Tali™, Dynabeads®, Countess®

Clinical Diagnostics

SeCore®, AllSet+™, PlexMark®

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