As compared with the aminocoumarin derivatives, the Cascade Blue fluorophore shows less spectral overlap with fluorescein , an important advantage for multicolor applications. In addition, this reactive Cascade Blue derivative has high absorptivity, is highly fluorescent and, unlike most dyes, resists quenching upon protein conjugation. Even at low degrees of labeling, Cascade Blue conjugates are significantly more fluorescent than are those of 7-amino-4-methylcoumarin-3-acetic acid (AMCA), and they remain preferred reagents for multicolor flow cytometry. Although a standard DAPI/Hoechst optical filter set can be used with Cascade Blue conjugates, the fluorescence will be brighter when viewed through optical filters optimized for the spectral properties of the Cascade Blue dye.

Cascade® Blue Dye and Conjugates

Sku Name Size Price Qty
A2663 Avidin, NeutrAvidin®, Cascade Blue® conjugate 1 mg USD 130.00
C2284 Cascade Blue® Acetyl Azide, Trisodium Salt 5 mg USD 263.00
C2764 Cascade Blue® Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) 0.5 mL USD 129.00
C3239 Cascade Blue® hydrazide, Trilithium Salt 10 mg USD 205.00
C621 Cascade Blue® Ethylenediamine, Trisodium Salt 10 mg USD 209.00
C687 Cascade Blue® hydrazide, Trisodium Salt 10 mg USD 209.00
C962 Cascade Blue® Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) 0.5 mL USD 129.00
D1976 Dextran, Cascade Blue®, 10,000 MW, Anionic, Lysine Fixable 25 mg USD 211.00
D7132 Dextran, Cascade Blue®, 3000 MW, Anionic, Lysine Fixable 10 mg USD 239.00