Click-iT® Detection Assays for Click Chemistry
DNA Synthesis (Cell Proliferation)

•  Complete in 30 min.
•  Superior to BrdU
•  Easy multiplexing

Learn more about about Click-iT® EDU Cell Proliferation Assays

Nascent RNA Synthesis

•  3 easy steps
•  Compatible with other labeling
•  Results in under 30 min.

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DNA Strand Breaks (TUNEL)

•  Detect late-stage apoptosis
•  Higher yield of apoptotic cells
•  Earlier fixation of samples

Learn more about the Click-iT® TUNEL Assay for Apoptosis

Nascent Protein Synthesis

•  Radioactivity-free
•  Use with cells, gels, blots,
   mass spectrometry

Learn more about the Click-iT® Protein Synthesis Assay