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Tech Tips

Two-photon absorption
Doing two-photon microscopy? Here is a good link for two-photon absorption cross-sections for dyes:

Antigen Retrieval Techniques
Antigen retrieval techniques (used to unmask antigens in samples for immunolabeling) typically involve heating the sample but the best instrument, buffer, and timing differ from antigen to antigen. Here is one guide to different techniques: Note: not all antigens require antigen retrieval.

The History of Molecular Probes

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Since 1975, Molecular Probes® reagents have been used to help address a wide variety of research questions and enabled cell biology researchers to accelerate their discoveries.


See Molecular Probes® In Action

Actin and tubulin during mitosis Actin and Tubulin During Mitosis
U20S cells transduced with Cellular Lights™ Actin-RFP and CellLight® MAP4-GFP. Images taken every 15 min for 16 hours.
Endosomal Transport Along MicrotubulesEndosomal Transport Along Microtubules
U20S cells transduced with CellLight® MAP4-GFP and CellLight ® Early Endosome-GFP. Images taken every min for 30 minutes.
Plasma Membrane RufflingPlasma Membrane Ruffling
U20S cells transduced with Cellular Lights™ Actin-RFP and CellLights® Plasma Membrane-GFP and imaged the next day. Images taken every 3 secs for 5 mins.
Michondrial Dynamics Through Cell DivisionMitochondrial Dynamics Through Cell Division
U20S cells were transduced with CellLight® Mito-RFP and imaged every 5 mins for 16 hours.


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