Notification: AcroMetrix products will be integrating with a quality controls portfolio that includes Thermo Scientific™ AcroMetrix™ molecular controls, MAS™ clinical chemistry controls, and other products for your clinical testing workflow. In order to ensure that your QC regimen remains unaffected, we have provided a number of resources to describe what will occur during this transition:

For US customers:
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Information for non-US customers coming soon.

Welcome to the new home for AcroMetrix® products – where you can find everything you need for monitoring quality control assays in one place.

AcroMetrix® quality controls are part of our portfolio of high-quality molecular products. This product range includes controls and standards to assist in the implementation and monitoring of assays for clinical and research laboratories, blood centers, and manufacturers.

With a combination of well characterized, consistent quality control products and internet-based solutions for interpreting and managing results, we strive to make it easy for laboratories to:

  • Validate new assays with EZQC™ Online
  • Train laboratory technologists
  • Establish a standard for their quality assurance program

The first clinical NGS oncology quality control

The AcroMetrix® Oncology Hotspot Control is a highly multiplexed quality control that allows users to control for >500 COSMIC mutations and contains cancer-associated mutations across 53 genes, including KRAS, BRAF, ERBB2, EGFR, and TP53. Users can choose from >500 single-nucleotide variants, 19 insertions, 29 deletions, and 3 complex mutations.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

Services & Tools

EZQC™ Online
Now includes Validations / Verifications, along with QC Monitoring and Calibration Verifications modules, to help enhance laboratory productivity and assurance.

AcroMetrix® Custom & OEM Solutions
Custom-manufactured molecular control products to meet your laboratory and manufacturing needs