Since launching in 1993, Lipofectamine® reagents have become the most referenced  transfection reagents with over 50,000 citations to date. You continue to choose these reagents due to their wide acceptance as the best and most reliable available. Lipofectamine® reagents offer you the ability to consistently transfect many cell types with high efficiency and exceptional ease of use.

Our Lipofectamine® Reagent–specific protocols have been optimized for efficiency, viability, and reproducibility across a broad range of cell types (see "Download protocol" links in the table below). This is often the best place to start especially in a new cell line. If you find this doesn’t work for you specific cell type, then you can you look to our cell-specific protocols for further optimization.

Meet the inventor

R&D transfection insights
Xavier de Mollerat du Jeu, Sr. Staff Scientist, discusses the transfection research program and key factors for successful transfections, which resulted in enhanced protocols for the Lipofectamine® line of transfection reagents.