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The Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer quantitates DNA, RNA, and protein with unprecedented accuracy, sensitivity, and simplicity. It is designed for molecular biology labs that work with precious samples that are rare or difficult to process, and applications requiring precise measurement such as real-time PCR.

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Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer

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Product * Quantity Cat. No.
Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer Each Q32866
Qubit® Quantitation Starter Kit Each Q32871
Qubit® Quantitation Lab Starter Kit Each Q32872
Qubit® dsDNA BR Assay Kit 100 assays, 2–1000 ng
500 assays, 2–1000 ng
Qubit® dsDNA HS Assay Kit 100 assays, 0.2–100 ng
500 assays, 0.2–100 ng
Qubit® ssDNA Assay Kit 100 assays, 1–200 ng Q10212
Qubit® RNA HS Assay Kit 100 assays, 5–100 ng
500 assays, 5–100 ng
Qubit® RNA BR Assay Kit 100 assays, 20–1000 ng
500 assays, 20–1000 ng
Qubit® microRNA Assay Kit 100 assays, 0.05–100 ng/µL
500 assays, 0.05–100 ng/µL
Qubit® Protein Assay Kit 100 assays, 0.25–5 μg
500 assays, 0.25–5 μg
Qubit® Assay Tubes Set of 500 Q32856

* PLEASE NOTE: All Qubit® Assay Kits except for the microRNA and MyQubit assays are compatible with both the Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer and the original Qubit® (1.0) Fluorometer. The new microRNA and MyQubit assays are only compatible with the Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer.

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Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer
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Original Qubit® (1.0) Fluorometer