Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer   

Enabling the Creation of New Assays for the Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer

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The Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer is unique. It is small, personal, and operates on simple and inexpensive components, yet capable of superior accuracy, sensitivity, and selectivity. Workflows are integrated into the instrument for DNA, RNA, and protein quantification assays that utilize highly optimized algorithms to help ensure accurate results from only a 2- or 3-point calibration (Figure 1).

Every sample reading by the Qubit® Ffluorometer is reported directly in terms of analyte concentration—no math or separate comparison to a standard curve is required, providing the perfect solution for researchers in a low- to mid-throughput setting. The Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer enables easy data collection, with a seamless workflow, color touch screen, graphical display, and USB drive compatibility. However, until now, key algorithm parameters and constant values could not be accessed or changed, and new applications could not be easily created.




Figure 1. The Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer enables easy data collection with a seamless workflow, color touch screen, graphical display, and USB drive compatibility.


New MyQubit Firmware

New firmware called MyQubit allows you to create applications in minutes using parameters that can easily be uploaded to the instrument using a USB drive, without changing the existing assays. All new Qubit® 2.0 instruments are now pre-loaded with the new MyQubit firmware, and existing owners can download the firmware here: V3.10 firmware download.. Since the instrument is operated on simple components, creation of additional applications is as straightforward as matching spectral compatibility with the LEDs and emission filters used. The instrument operates with two LEDs: blue, (430–495 nm filter, maximum emission ~470 nm), and red, (600–645 nm filters maximum emission~635 nm). Two emission filters for the assay signals are set for 510–580 nm and 665–725 nm. New assays can be based on existing Life Technologies assays, modifications or optimization of existing reagents, or completely novel ideas.

Upgradable and Adaptable: A Broad Range of Uses

Any reagent or assay that is spectrally compatible with the Qubit® hardware can be adapted for use with the Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer. MyQubit brings the power of your favorite fluorescence assays conveniently to your benchtop and provides a reliable platform for many of your quantification needs, from quality control, to laboratory research, to process monitoring and beyond. New assays can be altered and optimized multiple times with MyQubit, making the Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer a versatile tool that can be adapted for current and future use.

Please refer to the Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer User Manual for a detailed description of instrument function and assay workflow.