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Jason Carriere, University of Oregon

Tom Titus, University of Oregon

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“Quick and easy with excellent repeatability; more reliable than spec and more confidence in results.”

—Kevin Barr, University of Western Ontario

“For production we need to make a large mass of DNA, and we need to measure the concentration accurately before aliquoting.  Our production methodology yields large amounts of RNA along with the DNA.  So we treat the sample with RNaseA, but even after treatment the individual RNA monomers still absorb at 260 nm, so we can’t use a spectrophotometer to quantify the DNA.  This is where the Qubit comes in.  We can use it to accurately quantify the DNA in the presence of the digested RNA since the dye only binds to DNA.  We looked at the measurement relative to the intensity of known standards on a gel and the Qubit appears to be quite accurate.”

—Mark G. Wise, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, Bacterial Barcodes, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of BioMerieux, Inc.)

"Before we used the Qubit, I used other methods and there was a high level of variation from one sample to another and the results were not optimal.  Sometimes, with the next gen sequencer we got enough sequences and other times we got very few sequences.  After we used the Qubit, I got more consistent results.  All the time, I get the maximum amount of sequences that I can get in the next generation machine.  That way I can get more data for less cost. "

—Angel Amores, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Oregon

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