With over thousands of references and citations, the SuperScript® family of reverse transcriptases is a first choice for cDNA synthesis. SuperScript® reverse transcriptases are designed to reliably and efficiently deliver high yields of full-length cDNA. SuperScript® reverse transcriptases have been engineered for higher levels of thermostability and a longer half-life at 50°C. If you need maximum sensitivity for real-time RT-PCR and microarray experiments, and cDNA that represents input RNA with maximum fidelity, you need SuperScript® reverse transcriptase.

Which SuperScript® product is right for you?

Standard & versatile RT for wide range of RNA templates Most effective RT for all RNA including challenging templates Ultimate performance & convenience for real-time PCR Ultimate optimization for RT-PCR
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  SuperScript® II
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SuperScript® III
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SuperScript® VILO Master Mix
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SuperScript® First Strand for RT-PCR
Format Stand-alone enzyme Stand-alone enzyme cDNA synthesis kit cDNA synthesis kit
Reduced RNase H activity Moderate High High High
Optimal reaction temp 42°C 50°C 42°C 50°C
Half-life at 50°C 6.1 min 220 min 220 min 220 min
cDNA yield Good High High High
Sensitivity Good High High High