Quality controls for research

AcroMetrix® quality control (QC) materials can be an important component of molecular testing workflows for researchers. The AcroMetrix® portfolio of research products consists of molecular panels and serological and molecular controls for various targets and analytes. These quality control products are independent of assay kits and systems, and help identify errors that may occur within assays or instruments.

AcroMetrix® HPV Controls and AcroMetrix® formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) KRAS Process Controls.

AcroMetrix® transplant virus quality control products for molecular testing in both synthetic CSF and EDTA plasma.

AcroMetrix® PeliSpy™ Sero Controls and AcroMetrix® Training Panels.

Custom-manufactured products to help meet your laboratory and manufacturing needs.

Acrometrix® highly standardized QC materials help laboratories assess the performance of nucleic acid test procedures aimed at detecting human papillomavirus (HPV)

AcroMetrix® respiratory quality controls featuring encapsulated virus particles that allow for a full-process assessment.

AcroMetrix® whole-virus controls formulated to mimic samples with traceability to World Health Organization International Standard.

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