AcroMetrix® KRAS FFPE (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded) controls from Life Technologies will help your laboratory gain confidence in your FFPE sample testing process and can improve quality monitoring of FFPE-based oncology research testing.

Full-Process Controls

AcroMetrix® FFPE controls are full-process controls that enable your laboratory to assess and monitor the entire workflow from FFPE  sample to result, including deparaffinization and extraction.

Readily-available material that simulates real FFPE specimens

These readily-available FFPE controls are designed to emulate FFPE specimens without using archived tumor material or precious tissue resources.

Learn more about how you can yield quality results with our current line of KRAS FFPE Controls:

Product Name Contents/Description Cat. No.
AcroMetrix® KRAS FFPE Process ControlsG12A, G12C, G12D, G12R, G12S, G12V, G13D, wild-type (one of each)950450
AcroMetrix® Wild-Type KRAS FFPE Controls5 x wild-type KRAS950451

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