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Together, we are moving medicine forward by bringing you advanced diagnostic tools, from oncology to infectious disease and transplant medicine. We are committed to providing reliable and easy-to-use solutions, services, and support to meet the needs of molecular diagnostics laboratories. With years of experience and expertise in high-quality research platforms, we have you covered.

Diagnostic Instruments

Diagnostic Instruments

IVD instruments for real-time PCR, Sanger sequencing, and PCR thermal cycling—and coming soon, next-generation sequencing.

Quality controls and standards

Quality Controls & Standards for Clinical Labs

AcroMetrix® quality control materials are an essential part of clinical and blood donor testing.

Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Infectious Disease Diagnostics

IVD real-time PCR kits for the qualitative detection of infectious diseases, including respiratory and hospital-acquired infections.

Diagnostic Instruments

Clinical Laboratory Services

Clinical testing services to enable evidence-based, precision oncology care.

HLA transplant diagnostics

HLA Transplant Diagnostics

Proven technologies help make a difference in human leukocyte antigen (HLA) analysis. We offer SBT, SSP, and serological HLA typing products, as well as transplant-related biomarker panels.

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