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Life Technologies' products are designed to improve the quality, reliability, and speed of transplant diagnostics. For bone marrow and organ transplant research, our kits provide high to low-resolution analysis coupled with sophisticated software to aid in the interpretation of results. SeCore® SBT Kits reduce ambiguities in sequence analysis for clinical and registry labs.

HLA Transplant Diagnostics Products

Life Technologies products for HLA typing and transplant diagnostics

Antibody-Based HLA Typing Technologies

 Life Technologies products specifically developed for serological typing. 

HLA Molecular Accessories

 Accessories used in the lab for HLA typing. 

HLA Typing Lab Services from Life Technologies

Our HLA typing experts can provide flexibility and scalability to your lab.  Learn about the low- to high-resolution molecular HLA typing services that we offer.

Transplant-Related Biomarker Profiling

Life Technologies products specifically developed to perform transplant-related biomarker profiling.