The EZQC™ Online Tool helps provide laboratories with quality control management tools that guide testing from assay implementation to monitoring assay performance. The expanded EZQC™ Online Tool includes the EZValidation™ Online Tool, along with new interlaboratory peer comparison and calibration verification features, to help enhance laboratory productivity and assurance.

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Online Tools for Peer Comparison & Assay Validation

Our online peer-comparison tools and EZValidation™ molecular-test validation and verification program helps you evaluate your data and develop protocols for validating molecular tests in your laboratory.

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QC Monitoring for Daily QC and Peer to Peer Comparison

Calibration-Verification to help meet calibration/verification requirements

My Laboratory for cloud-based information management


EDCNet provides:
  • A simple interface for QC data entry, customized for each laboratory
  • Validation of entered data, thereby reducing erroneous data entry due to human error
  • Instantaneous reporting of QC testing results
  • Graphs of laboratory data and comparison of your data with aggregate data from other laboratories
  • Fully customized graphical reports, available either electronically or in printed form
  • The ability to compare your laboratory’s accuracy and precision with that of other laboratories in your peer group
  • The capacity to set control limits to ensure your laboratory’s processes are in control

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