The EZValidation™ Online Tool is a comprehensive tool specifically developed to assist laboratories with validation and verification of molecular tests. You choose which standard guidelines to follow, and the EZValidation™ tool calculates the number of reactions and AcroMetrix® quality control materials required, then applies statistical analysis to your data to generate a final report that supports user validation and verification of molecular tests. The EZValidation™ Online Tool is a convenient, intuitive online application that guides you through:

  • Translating regulatory guidelines into user-defined validation or verification protocols
  • Calculating the amount of reagents and quality materials needed to run the protocol
  • Consolidating studies (i.e., accuracy, precision, limit of detection (LOD)) across runs
        and days to minimize time and reagents
  • Selecting and performing statistical analyses
  • Combining results and data analysis into a single validation report for signature

The EZValidation™ Online Tool is intended to assist laboratories in meeting their validation and verification requirements. Each laboratory is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable international, national, and local clinical laboratory regulations and other specific accreditation requirements.

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