QC Monitoring is a powerful tool within the EZQC™ Online tool. QC Monitoring comprises two functional components for quantitative molecular testing: Daily QC and Peer Comparison.

See Overall QC Performance in Easy-to-Read Summaries

Daily QC streamlines the day-to-day performance tracking of all quality controls (QC) used in your lab. It enables you to perform intra-lab QC trending without much effort and generates easy-to-read graphs that summarize QC performance in a snapshot view. Daily QC allows you to see trends specific to your lab’s testing systems, aiding your ability to identify potential failures before they actually occur or that would otherwise go undetected.

Compare Your QC Performance Data With Peer Labs

With the click of a button, the data from Daily QC can easily be imported into the Peer Comparison functionality of the tool. Peer Comparison allows anonymous data-sharing between you and a large network of peer labs. Within the network, you can view QC performance data from other labs running exactly the same assay with exactly the same control, giving you a true comparison. The data in Peer Comparison are displayed in an easy-to-read graph that clearly labels your lab’s data point within the anonymous network data. Peer Comparison uploads data in real time, so the analysis is always current.

Peer Comparison also allows labs to create user-defined networks. These invitation-only networks are not anonymous, but access is controlled. All the labs in the user-defined network can share guidelines, protocols, and reports within EZQC™ Online.

Daily QC assists laboratories in:
  • Identifying drifts in data that may occur over time
  • Generating easy-to-read intra-lab QC performance graphs
  • Quickly detecting potential failures before they occur
  • Creating data points for Peer Comparison
Peer Comparison allows laboratories to:
  • Easily utilize the data from Daily QC
  • Access a large anonymous network of labs to directly compare assay performance
  • Create or participate in user-defined networks
  • Instantly exchange guidelines, protocols, and reports

QC Monitoring is a revolutionary tool for molecular testing that enables labs to make both intra-lab and inter-lab direct comparative assessments of assay performance. Because the comparisons are based on aggregated data, you can be more nimble in your decision making.

An Independent Control Gives the Most Reliable Picture

Relying completely on in-kit controls or on controls sold by the assay manufacturer leaves you unable to detect drifts in assay performance. This is because such controls are typically made to pass with each lot of assay reagents, and the specification can vary from lot to lot. The most reliable method for identifying performance drift is to use a consistent, assay-independent control and monitor that same control in a network of labs running exactly the same assay.

QC Monitoring gives labs peace of mind by providing an extra level of assurance that assay performance is accurately trended and reliable based on a network of data, thus helping to ensure that patient results are not compromised.

QC Monitoring is intended to assist laboratories in meeting their daily QC requirements. Each laboratory is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable international, national, and local clinical laboratory regulations and other specific accreditation requirements.

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