The appearance and persistence of MRSA, MSSA, and other hospital-acquired infections (HAI) are ongoing concerns for clinicians and patients alike. AcroMetrix® HAI testing products are highly standardized and independent quality control (QC) materials designed to help laboratories monitor their molecular tests. AcroMetrix® HAI QC materials assess the performance of nucleic acid test procedures aimed at detecting the presence of bacterial infections. Routine use of independent QC materials enables laboratories to monitor day-to-day test variation, lot-to-lot performance of test kits, and operator variation, and can assist in identifying increases in random or systematic errors. These products are for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) use and are CE-marked.

AcroMetrix® HAI Testing Products Mimic Real Patient Samples

AcroMetrix® HAI products have been formulated to mimic naturally occurring human specimens containing bacteria. Because they contain intact bacteria, these products allow the verification of effective bacterial DNA extraction and purification. AcroMetrix® HAI control products are the only quality control materials made from whole, inactivated bacteria in bacterial matrix. This means you get a true full-process control—from extraction through amplification and detection—that effectively mimics a patient sample.

Additional Benefits of AcroMetrix® HAI Testing Products

  • Traceability to enable accurate and consistent patient test results
  • Ready to use in liquid form; add directly to the assay system or use with a swab
  • Bacteria have been formalin-inactivated to reduce the risk of disease transmission to laboratory personnel

Several Choices for Bacterial Infection Testing

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