AcroMetrix® offers transplant virus quality control products for nucleic acid testing in plasma. These molecular controls are available for transplant virus assays, including Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and BK Virus (BKV). Transplant virus controls are intended for use in assessing the performance of nucleic acid test procedures for the determination of the presence of DNA. Routine use of external run controls enables laboratories to monitor day-to-day test variation, lot-to-lot performance of test kits, operator variation, and can assist in identifying increases in random or systematic error.

EZQC™ Online helps provide laboratories with quality control management tools that guide molecular testing from assay set-up, implementation to performance monitoring. The expanded EZQC™ Online includes the EZValidation™ Online Tool, along with new features such as peer comparison and calibration verification, to help enhance laboratory productivity and assurance.