Blog: Life Technologies Establishes International Influenza Network

A Global Effort to Understand and Protect People from Influenza.

The Global Influenza Network, established by Life Technologies, is a partnership that brings together scientists at a number of the world’s leading government public health organizations, veterinary agencies and research institutes in a collaborative effort to increase the speed and efficiency of influenza monitoring and vaccine development. Read More

Date Posted: 01/31/13

Blog: Life Technologies to Provide Forensic Instruments for Processing DNA to Identify up to 20,000 Human Remains Found in Libya's Mass Graves

Forensic Science

Life Technologies will provide the infrastructure, including the expertise, training, and the forensic instruments and materials to validate the workflow and process DNA samples through its Dubai-based distributor Integrated Gulf Biosystems (IGB).Read More

Date Posted: 01/30/13

Blog: Discover the Latest Advances in the Evolution of Exosome Research

New Webinar

Do you want to learn more about exosome research? The field of exosomes research is truly captivating, with a need for a range of specific tools and technologies. On February 12th and 13th Life Technologies will be offering a webinar about exosome research. Read More

Date Posted: 01/28/13

Blog: Life Technologies Honored in Davos Among the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations


Earlier today Life Technologies was honored at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland: for the second consecutive year, our company has been selected as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations.Read More

Date Posted: 01/23/13

Blog: Life Technologies Acquires BAC BV, Expands Capabilities in Bioprocessing

New Acquisition

Life Technologies has acquired BAC BV, a privately held company based in the Netherlands, and a leader in the discovery, development and manufacture of protein purification products. The acquisition expands Life’s capabilities and product offerings in the growing market of biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing. Read More

Date Posted: 01/22/13

Blog: Life Tech Execs Tout DNA Sequencing’s Benefits to Cancer Research and the Fight Against Cancer at CES’s Digital Health Summit

The Digital Health Summit kicked with an exciting “supersession” about The Digital Health Revolution featuring Life’s Head of Oncology, Dave Daly. Later Ronnie Andrews, President of Medical Sciences gave a keynote about sequencing and it's benefits to the cancer research and the fight against cancer. Read More

Date Posted: 01/17/13

Blog: TAP Biosystems Partners with Life Technologies on New Protein Expression System

New Partnership

TAP Biosystems announces a new collaboration with Life Technologies to develop a cost-efficient, high throughput protein expression system.Read More

Date Posted: 01/16/13

Blog: Free Webinar Discussing the Benefits of Analyzing RNA and DNA from Lysates

New Webinar

Analyzing RNA and DNA from Lysate
Join us for a new webinar on Wednesday January 23rd! Richard Fekete, a Life Technologies R&D manager will present a direct lysis approach that was developed to allow direct access to target DNA/RNA. Read More

Date Posted: 01/14/13

Blog: Boston Children’s Hospital and Life Technologies Launch Claritas Genomics, a Clinical Genomics Company

Spinoff venture will develop genomic sequencing solutions utilizing Ion Torrent technology for clinical applications

Boston Children’s Hospital has partnered with Life Technologies Corporation to launch Claritas Genomics, a new company formed to develop next-generation, genetic and genomics-based diagnostic testing solutions. The venture combines advanced instrumentation, software and bioinformatics capabilities with sophisticated clinical interpretation of test results and consultation by specialist physicians and medical genomics experts at Boston Children’s Hospital. Read More

Date Posted: 01/08/13

Blog: Fostering Positive Interactions Between Local Schools via Innovative Science


InnovatioNation is a Life Technologies youth educational program that is a company-wide effort to foster positive interactions with students in local schools via innovative science. Watch this new video highlighting the partnership between a 7th grade class from Escondido, CA and join us in congratulating Eugene, Oregon Prairie Mountain School and Willamette High School students this that won awards during the most recent Family Science Night.Read More

Date Posted: 01/04/13