Blog: Celebrating 60 Years of DNA Discovery with the Year of DNA

Happy new year and welcome to the year of DNA! This year we're celebrating 60 years of DNA Discovery. In 1953, the discovery of the structure of DNA led to the birth of molecular biology and a new toolbox for molecular biologists that has inspired generations of scientists and helped them make thousands of discoveries.Read More

Date Posted: 01/02/13

Blog: Life Technologies Presents Full Spectrum Genetic Analysis and Beyond at the Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG)

Plant and Animal Genome Conference 2013

Visit Life Technologies at the Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG) to learn about new and exciting approaches to agricultural biotechnology. The conference will take place from January 12th–16th, 2013 in San Diego.Read More

Date Posted: 12/20/12

Blog: President of Medical Sciences at Life will Address the CES Digital Health Summit Audience as a Keynote

2013 Consumer Electronics Show

Ronnie Andrews, the President of Medical Sciences at Life Technologies will be one of the keynotes of the 2013 CES Digital Health Summit speaking about the next frontier of cancer treatment. Read More

Date Posted: 12/18/12

Blog: Science Community Converges at Life Tech’s Booth at ASCB to Help Save NIH Funding

Science community takes action

Sequestration awareness is running high at ASCB, where members of the scientific research community are heading to the Life Technologies booth (#415) to send their sequestration letter to petition their representatives in Washington DC to help stop the potential $2.5 billion cut to NIH funding.Read More

Date Posted: 12/17/12

Blog: What to expect at ASCB from Life Technologies

ASCB 2012

Life Technologies will be in booth # 415 during The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) December 16-19th 2012. Expect deep scientific presentations, fun giveaways and educational information about the possible impact of sequestration.Read More

Date Posted: 12/12/12

Blog: Free 2013 Cell Biology Product and Resource Guide is Now Available

New Cell Biology Resource

Have you downloaded the 2013 Cell Biology Product and Resource Guide yet? It's free and leads you through our full range of products and services for studies on cell structure and function. Read More

Date Posted: 12/11/12

Blog: A Celebration of Science Featuring the Beery Family

Celebration of Science

This video from NIH titled "A Celebration of Science" highlights the remarkable advances scientists are making to save, extend, and improve lives on a global scale every day. The video published last week features Life's CIO, Joe Beery and his family.Read More

Date Posted: 12/10/12

Blog: We'll Have An Answer For Ya - (The Ballad of Technical Support)

Life Technologies Technical Support

Life Technologies Technical Support recognizes your passion and admires your dedication to keep going when things don't always go to plan so we've created a video commemorating those moments with some humor.Read More

Date Posted: 12/07/12

Blog: Whole Genome Sequencing of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Reveals Previously Unreported Mutations

Study demonstrates power and potential of next generation sequencing for cancer research

Whole genome sequencing has revealed previously unreported mutations in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), according to a study published by the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.Read More

Date Posted: 12/06/12

Blog: Make Life Easier To Manage With The Instruments & Services Portal

Instruments & Services Portal

Introducing the new, award-winning, free online tool that enables easier management of your instrument(s). The Instruments & Services Portal lets you manage instrument use and care, allows faster response to requests for service or service quotes, and instant sharing of key instrument and service information with your colleagues.Read More

Date Posted: 12/05/12