Blog: New Acquisition of Imaging Products Manufacturer Advanced Microscopy Group

New Acquisition

Life Technologies Corporation today announced the acquisition of Advanced Microscopy Group or AMG, a privately held developer of imaging products for research microscopy incorporated as Westover Scientific, Inc.Read More

Date Posted: 11/05/12

Blog: New Poster: Digital PCR vs. Real-Time PCR

Free Download

We often receive questions related to the differences between Real-Time PCR and Digital PCR so we've taken some time to write this blog post accompanied by a free poster illustrating the differences between the two methods.Read More

Date Posted: 11/02/12

Blog: Dr. Alex Meissner -- Advances in Stem Cell Research

Next Generation Sequencing and Stem Cell Research

Dr. Alex Meissner, Assistant Professor at the Department of Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University, discusses how next generation sequencing has revolutionized the way we look at stem cells and perform stem cell research. Read More

Date Posted: 11/01/12

Blog: The Discovery of Acoustic Focusing & Attune® Flow Cytometer

Video: Journey of Innovation

This video about acoustic focusing explains and illustrates how the discovery of sound measurement lead to a series of discoveries culminating in the knowledge needed to use sound in particle focusing and the development of the Attune® Flow CytometerRead More

Date Posted: 10/31/12

Blog: Congratulations to Gibco Hero Dr. Brewer, Known for Growing and Maintaining Neurons in Culture

Gibco 50th Anniversary

In alignment with the annual Society for Neuroscience conference and in recognition of the commitment of researchers working hard to understand neuro-related diseases, in the month of October, we would like to honor Dr. Gregory Brewer as our “Cell Culture Hero.”Read More

Date Posted: 10/30/12

Blog: Sequestration Threat to NIH Funding is Harming Medical Innovation

The impact of sequestration in 2013

An 8% across-the-board budget cut called sequestration is scheduled to take effect on January 2, 2013. This massive sequestration of funds will have a crippling effect on the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which enables life-saving medical breakthroughs and fuels our economy. Learn more about sequestration and how you can help prevent it. Read More

Date Posted: 10/26/12

Blog: Identifying Pluripotent Stem Cells with an Alkaline Phosphatase Live Stain

Pluripontent Stem Cells

In this blog post we discuss the identification of iPSC colonies during the process of somatic cell reprogramming. Identification of true pluripotent colonies in a bed of transformed fibroblasts and other cell debris may be relatively easy for a trained eye, but challenging in some cases. Read More

Date Posted: 10/24/12

Blog: The Definitive Real-time PCR Handbook from Life Technologies

New Handbook

We recently released the Real-time PCR handbook, now available as a free electronic download or as an app for your mobile device. Read More

Date Posted: 10/23/12

Blog: Life Technologies Sets Third Quarter 2012 Earnings Release Date for Monday, October 29, 2012

Investor Relations

Third Quarter 2012 Earnings Release Life Technologies Corporation will report its third quarter 2012 financial results on Monday, October 29, 2012, after market close.Read More

Date Posted: 10/22/12

Blog: Scientists, Journalists Receive In-Depth Introduction to Latest Ion Torrent Technology During Ion Proton Sequencer™ Launch in Mexico City

Ion Proton Sequencer™

Ion Proton Introduced to Latin America More than 160 researchers and journalists from Mexico gathered to learn about the latest innovative offerings from Life Technologies, beginning with the Latin American launch of the Ion Proton Sequencer™ during a two-day event that included a press conference and a scientific briefing in Mexico City this week.Read More

Date Posted: 10/19/12