Blog: Stepping Out of Business to Make a Difference

Life Technologies chose to take on a daring challenge at the Clinton Global Initiative. We committed to join the African Orphan Crop Consortium (AOCC) in an international effort to help improve nutritional value of food crops and decrease malnutrition in Africa.Read More

Date Posted: 12/02/13

Blog: Q&A: Cancer, Reconceptualized

At its root, cancer is a disease of the DNA. But to cure it, we need to move beyond genetics and work together to uncover cancer’s deeper cellular chemistry, says Ronnie Andrews, President, Genetic and Medical Sciences at Life Technologies. Scientific American spoke with Andrews about this new approach to combat cancer in the 21st century.Read More

Date Posted: 11/11/13

Blog: Pursuing Life Without Cancer

To actively pursue life without cancer, we must do everything possible to empower the cancer research community to make new discoveries. Innovating and investing in technologies. Working with academia and research institutes. Supporting grassroots community fundraising efforts. These commitments are critical to making cancer a treatable, chronic disease within our lifetime.Read More

Date Posted: 10/25/13

Blog: Be Part of Something Bigger

On October 27th my wife and I will be riding as part of the Life Technologies’ Pedal the Cause Team to raise money to fund local San Diego cancer research. My name is Gary Hand. I am a Field Service District Manager, based in San Diego. I have been married to my wife Carol for twenty two years, and we have two teen aged boys. Next week I will start my 19th year with Life Technologies. I was asked to comment on why I chose to participate in this fundraiser. The simple answer is to be part of something bigger.Read More

Date Posted: 10/24/13

Blog: Climbed Hills I Never Thought I Would

So, why am I riding? I actually stumbled upon the opportunity to ride as a part of the team a few months ago during a summer happy hour. I was a new employee at Life Technologies and thought it would be great way to make friends outside my immediate group and get to know the culture. The other reason of course is to do my part in furthering cancer research right here in San Diego. Read More

Date Posted: 10/22/13

Blog: Fighting for a Cure

When I heard about the Pedal the Cause ride and the fact that we are raising money to directly fund cancer research ideas at the three NCI-funded centers in San Diego, I was immediately drawn to this opportunity to make a difference. I have seen first-hand the tough challenges that cancer patients experience with surgeries, continual tests, clinical trials and treatments. Read More

Date Posted: 10/18/13

Blog: Celebrating Scientific Breakthroughs: Ion Torrent™ Breakthrough Award will be Presented at Ion World 2013

The finalists for the Ion Torrent™ Breakthrough Award have been selected by a panel of Ion Torrent™ team members with experience in next-generation sequencing technology applications. The finalists will be evaluated by a panel including Ion Torrent™ team members and external judges, and an author of the winning publication will be announced at Ion World, 2013. Read More

Date Posted: 10/18/13

Blog: Individual Commitment to a Group Effort

Pedal The Cause is the perfect platform for us to channel our energy and give back to our community. Whether it’s through riding, volunteering, or support, there are many ways you can be a part of the team. Health is not solely based off of your genes. Read More

Date Posted: 10/07/13

Blog: Pedal The Cause

I joined Pedal the Cause because cancer has had a direct impact on my family. In the last several years I’ve supported numerous charity and fund raising events, primarily for diabetes since my sister is a type 1 diabetic. But in recent years, she’s also been diagnosed with breast cancer.Read More

Date Posted: 10/02/13

Blog: Life Technologies Helps African Researchers Sequence Human Genome

In a first for Africa, the entire human genome has been broken down and analysed on South African soil. It comes 10 years after the International Genome Project was completed.Read More

Date Posted: 09/26/13