Video: DNA Decoded on the Ion Bus in Times Square on April 25

Mobile DNA sequencing

Get on the Bus - The New York Genome Center and Life Technologies are co-sponsoring a public education event around genomics and sequencing technology in Times Square April 25. Activities will include live DNA sequencing.Read More

Date Posted: 04/23/12

Video: Abducted Child Reunited with Family by DNA Analysis - Mother Thanks Life Technologies

DNA Analysis Reunites Family

Brenda Maribel Corado, a 32 year old mother - was walking her 21 day old baby Angela Ester Sazo Corado to a doctor's appointment when a couple of women approached her on the street, taking Angela from her mother's arms. Angela had just been kidnapped!Read More

Date Posted: 05/22/12

Video: Use of PCR for Human Identification

Human trafficking is one of the most frequent and profitable crimes today. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, approximately 1.2 million children are victims of human trafficking throughout 161 countries. Most of these victims are sold into illegal adoptions, exploited physically or die without identification. Using genetic analysis, law enforcement agencies are able to generate DNA profiles of missing children and ultimately return them to their families.Read More

Date Posted: 05/03/13

Photo: PHOTO OF THE WEEK: "Conviction", The Innocence Project and DNA Exoneration

Sam Rockwell and Hilary Swank with exonerees Scott Fappiano, Dewey Bozella, and Fernando Bermudez at the Innocence Project's benefit screening of the film "Conviction". Life Technologies is proud to have been a sponsor of the movie's premier and applauds the efforts of the Innocence Project and their use of DNA to exonerate those wrongly convicted of crimes. Read More

Date Posted: 10/15/10

Photo: Greg Lucier Talks with CNBC's Power Lunch Live From the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Greg Lucier speaks with CNBC's Power Lunch from the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco on the Personal Genome Machine, Sequencing and the future of personalized medicine.Read More

Date Posted: 01/11/11

Photo: PHOTO OF THE WEEK: The Giving Gene and A Future Scientist

The San Diego Science Festival Expo day was Saturday, March 26th and was a huge hit with typical San Diego sunny weather. The Life Technologies booth was bustling all day with inquisitive science minded kids participating in many hands-on experiments. The Giving Gene made it's first Science Festival debut and is pictured here giving a future scientist a high-five. Science under the sun, what more could thousands of curious kids want?Read More

Date Posted: 03/26/11

Photo: Happy DNA Day!

Celebrate DNA discovery

A Reflection on This Day in 1953 - Whether you celebrated on April 20th or today the 25th we hope that all researchers enjoy this day of reflection on all the progress that has been made in the world of genomics since that earth shattering day in 1953 when James Watson and Francis Crick went public with their findings. Read More

Date Posted: 04/25/12

Blog: Life Technologies Takes the Stage at Human Genomics Conference

Starting tonight, Life Technologies is participating in Human Genomics – The Next 10 Years, a conference sponsored by Nature and the J. Craig Venter Institute that will focus on the promises of human genomics for the next ten years. Read More

Date Posted: 02/21/11

Blog: West Coast Represents for DNA Sequencing

This week, California is center-stage in the DNA sequencing world. As we noted yesterday, the Human Genomics – The Next 10 Years conference is occurring in La Jolla, near San Diego, and up the road in San Francisco, the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference is starting today.Read More

Date Posted: 02/23/11

Blog: AmpFlSTR® Yfiler® Kit Drives the Success of Y Chromosome Analysis in Forensic Genetics

HID in Action

Y Chromosome Analysis - In 1992, a paper was published describing the first case to be successfully resolved using the technique of Y chromosome analysis; in a murder case in Berlin, a male-female mixture could not be solved using autosomal analysis but analysis of just one locus on the Y chromosome was able to clearly exclude a male suspect.Read More

Date Posted: 05/15/12