Photo: Life Technologies in Christchurch, New Zealand Recognized for Energy Efficiency

Have you ever thought the heat that freezers generate is a waste of energy? The Life Technologies New Zealand Protein Separation Unit did! Employees Jeff Hall and Paul Houston came up with a smart way to capture that waste energy to put it to use. By installing heat exchangers they now recover the freezers' waste energy to heat water for use in production. Read More

Date Posted: 06/13/12

Blog: Life Technologies Moving "Off the Grid" with Clean Energy Fuel Cells


Energy Efficiency Announcement - Life Technologies will use a fuel cell system to self-generate electricity at the company headquarters in Carlsbad, California. The Bloom Energy fuel cell system will begin operating in August and will reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent, increase energy reliability while also delivering cost savings.Read More

Date Posted: 07/19/12

Blog: Of Planes, Puzzles and Empowerment

Life Technologies is proud to be supporting these important conversations and creating a sustained dialogue among all of biotechnology’s global stakeholders. And through our partnership with Scientific American, we are thrilled to bring you “Empowering Science,” a new series in which we will explore key issues, challenges, and arenas of excitement within today’s rich and fertile life
sciences landscape.Read More

Date Posted: 07/30/13