Photo: PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Greg Lucier with Mayor Hall and the Giving Gene

Life Technologies Chairman and CEO Greg Lucier and Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall with the newly introduced "Giving Gene" at the first annual Carlsbad Day of Giving Back celebration. The event was held at the Life Technologies headquarters in Carlsbda, CA.Read More

Date Posted: 02/25/11

Photo: PHOTO OF THE WEEK: The Giving Gene and A Future Scientist

The San Diego Science Festival Expo day was Saturday, March 26th and was a huge hit with typical San Diego sunny weather. The Life Technologies booth was bustling all day with inquisitive science minded kids participating in many hands-on experiments. The Giving Gene made it's first Science Festival debut and is pictured here giving a future scientist a high-five. Science under the sun, what more could thousands of curious kids want?Read More

Date Posted: 03/26/11

Blog: Basics of Real-Time PCR

What is Real-Time PCR and why to use it

Real-Time PCR—Also Called Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) - is one of the most powerful and sensitive gene analysis techniques available and is used for a broad range of applications including quantitative gene expression analysis, genotyping, SNP analysis, pathogen detection, drug target validation and for measuring RNA interference. Frequently, real-time polymerase chain reaction is combined with reverse transcription to quantify messenger RNA (mRNA) and MicroRNA (miRNA) in cells or tissues.Read More

Date Posted: 04/17/12

Blog: Supercharge Your Gene Expression

Codon Optimization Improves Gene Expression Capabilities

Codon Optimization & Gene Expression
Codon optimization improves gene expression capabilities without changing the polypeptide sequence. There are 61 codons encoding 20 amino acids. Different expression hosts prefer certain codons. Read More

Date Posted: 03/30/12

Blog: The How's, What's, and Why's of Gene Expression Assay Design

Exon, specificity, names, and assay ID suffixes

Gene Expression Assays - Life Technologies offers more than 1.3 million predesigned TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays. Learn the how's, what's and why's of gene expression assay design to help you make the right decision when selecting assays for your research. Read More

Date Posted: 05/09/12