Blog: Real-Time PCR Training Available From Life Technologies

Global Educational Courses

Training Available - Researchers are often surprised to hear about all of the great educational courses we have available for them at our global training centers in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and countries throughout Europe. Researchers often ask how they can learn to perform applications experiments and understand how to best analyze their data on their real-time PCR instruments.Read More

Date Posted: 05/29/12

Blog: Real-Time qRT-PCR Troubleshooting - Top Ten Most Common Pitfalls

RT-qPCR Tech Tips

Need Help With RT-qPCR? - Having problems with your gene expression or SNP genotyping experiments? Do your amplification curves look sigmoidal? No fear. Here are 10 common pitfalls you may face during RT-qPCR.Read More

Date Posted: 04/26/12