Photo: Greg Lucier Talks with CNBC's Power Lunch Live From the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Greg Lucier speaks with CNBC's Power Lunch from the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco on the Personal Genome Machine, Sequencing and the future of personalized medicine.Read More

Date Posted: 01/11/11

Photo: PHOTO OF THE WEEK: The Giving Gene and A Future Scientist

The San Diego Science Festival Expo day was Saturday, March 26th and was a huge hit with typical San Diego sunny weather. The Life Technologies booth was bustling all day with inquisitive science minded kids participating in many hands-on experiments. The Giving Gene made it's first Science Festival debut and is pictured here giving a future scientist a high-five. Science under the sun, what more could thousands of curious kids want?Read More

Date Posted: 03/26/11

Photo: Unravel DNA with Life Technologies at The Science and Engineering Festival

2012 Science and Engineering Festival

Visit Life Technologies at Hall A, Booth # 2823 - If in the area, stop by to learn how to decode the mysteries of DNA with Life Technologies. See how DNA sequencing is used in real world applications such as in the conservation of Cheetahs in Namibia, forensic analysis to help identify mummies and medical developments for tissue typing and pathogen detection (like ecoli).Read More

Date Posted: 04/27/12

Blog: Supporting Science with the First National U.S. Science Festival

October will mark the United States’ first national science festival with the launch of the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Over a million attendees are expected to enjoy science-themed concerts, events, and hands-on science activities at the main festival in Washington, D.C., or satellite festivals in 20 other states.Read More

Date Posted: 09/29/10

Blog: AmpFlSTR® Yfiler® Kit Drives the Success of Y Chromosome Analysis in Forensic Genetics

HID in Action

Y Chromosome Analysis - In 1992, a paper was published describing the first case to be successfully resolved using the technique of Y chromosome analysis; in a murder case in Berlin, a male-female mixture could not be solved using autosomal analysis but analysis of just one locus on the Y chromosome was able to clearly exclude a male suspect.Read More

Date Posted: 05/15/12

Blog: Life Technologies Employees Volunteer 35,000 Hours in 2010

As part of Life Technologies' Giving Back at Life program, today our employees reached 35,000 hours of total volunteer time surpassing the goal set for the year by 40%.

The photo to the left shows Life Technologies CEO, Greg Lucier, with some Carlsbad-based employees at Global Volunteer Day, a day of giving help every year in May.Read More

Date Posted: 12/21/10

Blog: Life Technologies Support Goes Social

Now Supporting Researchers on Twitter and Facebook

Customer Support Around the Globe is Becoming More Social - and Life Technologies is adapting. When customers started asking questions on social media, we started answering and we've since created a Twitter page with Technical Application Scientists monitoring it around the globe. Read More

Date Posted: 04/04/12

Blog: Students Learn About Biotechnology with the Pilot of a Life Technologies Program Called InnovatioNation

Life Technologies Giving Back

InnovatioNation, a K-12 Educational Program - has been in creative development over the past year at Life Technologies, with seven teachers piloting the program in their classrooms during the 2011-2012 school year. InnovatioNation was developed to provide... Read More

Date Posted: 06/01/12

Blog: Of Planes, Puzzles and Empowerment

Life Technologies is proud to be supporting these important conversations and creating a sustained dialogue among all of biotechnology’s global stakeholders. And through our partnership with Scientific American, we are thrilled to bring you “Empowering Science,” a new series in which we will explore key issues, challenges, and arenas of excitement within today’s rich and fertile life
sciences landscape.Read More

Date Posted: 07/30/13