Video: Use of PCR for Human Identification

Human trafficking is one of the most frequent and profitable crimes today. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, approximately 1.2 million children are victims of human trafficking throughout 161 countries. Most of these victims are sold into illegal adoptions, exploited physically or die without identification. Using genetic analysis, law enforcement agencies are able to generate DNA profiles of missing children and ultimately return them to their families.Read More

Date Posted: 05/03/13

Video: New Video: Advances in Stem Cell Research

The Cost of Variability in iPS Cell Culture

New Video - In this short video, Dr Nuwaysir discusses the current challenges in iPS cell research, reproducibility and how variability in cell culture media is...Read More

Date Posted: 06/26/12

Video: Congratulations to the Ambion Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing Excellence

Industry Week - recognized 10 of the best plants in North America with the Life Technologies Ambion plant being one of them. They were looking for plants that drive continuous improvement, quality product, and plants that have made transformational changes in the way they do business; with the ability to sustain those changes over a large time period.Read More

Date Posted: 06/25/12

Video: Life Technologies Foundation

Helping People Understand the Power of Science

Promoting the Importance of Science - In keeping with our corporate culture of giving and improving life, The Life Technologies Foundation was created. The Life Technologies Foundation is dedicated to recognizing the power of each scientist's contribution to improving the human condition. By teaming with researchers across countries and cultures...Read More

Date Posted: 06/05/12

Video: Abducted Child Reunited with Family by DNA Analysis - Mother Thanks Life Technologies

DNA Analysis Reunites Family

Brenda Maribel Corado, a 32 year old mother - was walking her 21 day old baby Angela Ester Sazo Corado to a doctor's appointment when a couple of women approached her on the street, taking Angela from her mother's arms. Angela had just been kidnapped!Read More

Date Posted: 05/22/12

Video: Life Technololgies Global Volunteer Day 2012

Giving Back at Life

Today is Global Volunteer Day - at Life Technologies. One day a year we close our laptops, put down the pipettes and hang up the white coats to go out into our local communities to volunteer. This is a special day because this globally coordinated event occurs at all of our locations around the world at the same time.Read More

Date Posted: 05/04/12

Video: BioTechnical Institute of Maryland Giving Forward

Thank you BTI

Timothy Fawcett, PhD - is currently the Director of the BioTechnical Institute of Maryland. He plays a significant role in removing barriers to entry into the scientific field for people that might not otherwise have the opportunity to begin a career in science. Read More

Date Posted: 05/03/12

Video: Dry Western Blot vs. Wet Western Blot

New video

Western Blot Showdown - Life Technologies has released a new dry western blotting video that is a playful look at a dry western blot vs. a wet blot. Did you know you can perform a western protein transfer without buffer in 7 minutes? Watch this video to see a comical take on how it's done. Read More

Date Posted: 04/27/12

Video: DNA Decoded on the Ion Bus in Times Square on April 25

Mobile DNA sequencing

Get on the Bus - The New York Genome Center and Life Technologies are co-sponsoring a public education event around genomics and sequencing technology in Times Square April 25. Activities will include live DNA sequencing.Read More

Date Posted: 04/23/12

Video: Steps for Performing a 7 Minute Protein Transfer - The Dry Western Blot

The iBlot® dry blotting system

Quick and Easy Dry Blotting
Wet and semidry gel transfers require hours of preparation work and a tremendous amount of time making smelly solutions with a tiresome cleanup at the end. Say goodbye to all of those hassles, the iBlot® system has a 7 minute fix!Read More

Date Posted: 04/10/12