October will mark the United States’ first national science festival with the launch of the USA Science & Engineering Festival. Over a million attendees are expected to enjoy science-themed concerts, events, and hands-on science activities at the main festival in Washington, D.C., or satellite festivals in 20 other states.

The Festival’s mission is to “reinvigorate the interest of our nation’s youth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM),” which makes it a great fit for the Life Technologies Foundation, which is providing strong support for the Festival as part of our dedication to the future of science.

In a recent interview on EarthSky, Brian Pollok, Head of Global Science & Innovation, discussed the Festival and Life Technologies’ dedication to science education.

"There's a scarcity of individuals who have an understanding of science in the lay sector of our population," said Pollok. He continued on to say that Life Technologies is "trying to increase the understanding and appreciation of what science means in everyday life."

At the Festival, the Life Technologies Foundation will host activities such as Super Doctor and Modern Sherlock Holmes to educate attendees on genetics. The Foundation is a co-supporter of the Festival's Nifty Fifty, a group of 50 science professionals who will speak about their work at middle and high schools in the D.C. area. In addition, the Foundation is also supporting the Lunch with a Laureate program, where students and the public are treated to brownbag lunch presentations from Nobel Laureates.

To build excitement in the weeks leading up to the Festival, the Foundation hosted a celebration this past weekend at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington,  D.C. The event featured a reception with edible creations by Chef José Andrés, an innovator in molecular gastronomy, and a performance by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, stars of the Discovery Channel's television show "Mythbusters".