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NIH created the below video titled "A Celebration of Science" to highlight the remarkable advances scientists are making to save, extend, and improve lives on a global scale every day.

One of the featured stories in this video is the Beery family. Life Technologies' CIO, Joe Beery talks about his family's journey to prove the misdiagnosis of his two children.

Twins Alexis and Noah Beery suffered from dopa-responsive dystonia, a hard-to-diagnose movement disorder that mimics cerebral palsy and as a result they were misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Finally, in 2009, after 13 years of physical and emotional pain, they had their genomes sequenced with Life Technologies and found the gene that caused the symptoms the twins were suffering from. As a result, the Beery's were able to find life-altering treatment. The twins' father was so inspired by the potential of DNA analysis to and the sequencing work that helped his children and others with similar struggles that he came to work for Life Technologies in 2010. 

With the imminent threat of sequestration that could cause cuts to the NIH budget, life changing stories like the ones featured here may not happen. After watching this video, please take a moment to prevent sequestration.