Cancer Associated Cell Signaling Research

Mark your calendars for this live chat this Friday with Life Technologies Scientists Dr. David Bourdon and Dr. Jeff Rossio as presenters.

Go to the event page on Facebook join this event and get the details about how to listen in by phone. 

This chat will highlight key capabilities and benefits of Novex immunoassay products in the context of cell signaling and the study of cancer biology. 

Translational scientists studying the multifaceted etiology of cancer require powerful investigational tools for targeted interrogation of cell signaling cascades. These pathways include AKT, MAP kinase and JAK/STAT. Novex® immunoassay solutions from Life Technologies, feature ABfinity™ antibodies for high sensitivity, high specificity detection of key signaling proteins, via western blotting, ELISAs, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, and multiplexed analysis. Novex® multiplexed immunoassay panels, utilizing Luminex xMAP bead-based technology, offer flexibility and provide rich data sets for pathway analysis from small sample volumes. 

Born out of a need to validate biomarker discovery efforts, Novex® multiplexed immunoassay products now measure both halves of the proteome, antigens and autoantibodies. This unique two-tiered approach is especially pertinent in the study of cancer as well as autoimmunity. Novex® ProtoPlex™ assays utilize our repository of nearly 10,000 purified human proteins, for detection of autoantibody biomarkers using the same trusted Luminex xMAP multiplexing technology found in our antigen assays.