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Over the past decade, rapid advancements in next-generation sequencing products have enabled research scientists to design experiments and produce results that were previously out of reach—opening up the field of genomics to greater possibilities for breakthroughs, both big and small.

In the past year, many scientists have published their findings demonstrating these possibilities. To celebrate these scientific breakthroughs, we are giving an award to the nominated author of a publication that we feel represents a recent research breakthrough achieved using Ion Torrent™ semiconductor sequencing technology.

The finalists for the Ion Torrent™ Breakthrough Award have been selected by a panel of Ion Torrent™ team members with experience in next-generation sequencing technology applications.  The finalists will be evaluated by a panel including Ion Torrent™ team members and external judges, and an author of the winning publication will be announced at Ion World, 2013.  A nominated author from the winning publication will also be presented with a $500 cash prize.

The Finalists Are:

Cebula A, Seweryn M, Rempala GA, et al. (2013) Thymus-derived regulatory T cells contribute to tolerance to commensal microbiota. Nature 497:258–262.

Stolle E, Moritz RFA, (2013) RESTseq–efficient benchtop population genomics with RESTriction fragment sequencing. PLoS ONE 8(5): e63960.

Kimoto M, Yamashige R, Matsunaga Ki, et al. (2013) Generation of high-affinity DNA aptamers using an expanded genetic alphabet. Nat Biotech 31: 453–457. 

Nikiforova MN, Wald AI, Roy S, et al. (2013) Targeted next-generation sequencing panel (ThyroSeq) for detection of mutations in thyroid cancer. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Published online before print August 26, 2013. 

Hall-Mendelin S, Allcock R, Kresoje N, et al. (2013) Detection of arboviruses and other micro-organisms in experimentally infected mosquitoes using massively parallel sequencing. PLoS ONE 8(2): e58026.

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Ion Torrent™ and its affiliates are not endorsing, recommending, or promoting any use or application of Ion Torrent™ products presented by third parties during Ion World 2013. Information and materials presented or provided by third parties during Ion World 2013 are provided as-is and without warranty of any kind, including regarding intellectual  property rights and reported results.