Life Technologies wants to see you be successful with your cell culture research. For this reason, multiple resources in the form of videos, a handbook, and basic cell culture protocols are available on our website to assist you. 

These videos, the handbook and protocols are all intended as an introduction to cell culture basics covering topics such as requirements for laboratories dedicated to cell culture experiments, laboratory safety, aseptic technique, and microbial contamination of cell cultures, as well as providing basic methods for passaging, freezing, and thawing cultured cells.

New Webinar
The most recent video is a new cell culture webinar featuring Timothy Fawcett, Ph.D. Director at the BioTechnical Institute of Maryland. 

The Contents of This Cell Culture Webinar Include:

  • The in-vitro system and factors affecting cell culture
  • Components and formulations of media; performance characteristics of serum
  • Cell culture productivity and interrelationship between cell growth cycle & its environment
  • Tips and techniques for maximizing recovery

All of these materials are created to provide our customers with information about cell culture techniques including the selection of the appropriate cell line for your experiments, media requirements for cell culture, adherent versus suspension culture, and morphologies of continuous cell lines. 

Please note that the information and guidelines presented in the Gibco® cell culture basics handbook and the instructional cell culture videos focus on cell lines (finite or continuous) and omit experiments and techniques concerning primary cultures such as isolating and disaggregating tissues.

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