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RNA Purification & RNA Analysis from Lysates

Join us for a new webinar on Wednesday January 23rd! Richard Fekete, a Life Technologies R&D manager will present a direct lysis approach that was developed to allow direct access to target DNA/RNA. 

Whether the analysis is on the expression profile (TaqMan) or sequence (RNA-Seq) of an RNA sample or on the genotype, allelic variation, SNP variation of target DNA there is a common challenge that all these molecular analyses face: sample manipulation from the DNA/RNA purification process.  The introduction of bias or loss of representation of a given RNA or DNA species through the purification process represents a major challenge. Though current purification methods deliver excellent results the process itself is an added variable that can introduce risk within the binding, washing, and eluting process.

During this webinar we will examine the latest approaches to avoid this risk by removing the purification step altogether with the advent of direct measurement of target material and avoiding the variability. A direct lysis approach was developed to allow access to target DNA/RNA without a binding step or loss of material to a column/bead. We will examine how the use of these approaches has unlocked the ability to interrogate precious and challenging samples of smaller size, down to single cells, with exceptional accuracy and reproducibility. 

Register now for this webinar. 

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