Gianluca Pettiti at Ion Proton Launch in Mexico City

Today Life Technologies launched the Ion Proton in Mexico City. 

Members of the research community that attended the launch included Dr. Jose Tapia, Director of the Genetic and Molecular Biology Department at CINVESTAV. Dr. Tapia was the first to acquire the Ion Proton in Mexico. Also in attendance were Dr. Jeffrey Weitzel, Oncology Researcher at City of Hope and Dr. Patricia Ostrosky, Director of the Institute of Biomedical Investigations at UNAM.

Below are a few quotes from the group that attended:

Dr. Patricia Ostrosky: 
We want to understand diabetes in the Mexican population. Ion technology will help us discover the relationship between our genes and the environment and how they contribute to obesity. We also want to study biodiversity. Ion technology will help us compare a variety of species to tease out the genetic variations.

Dr. Jose Tapia:
I see many important applications for this platform. One is in stem cell research. Researchers can easily sequence cells to ensure the right genetic markers are present in differentiated states.

Sandra Balladares:
Reaching the $1,000 genome is akin to putting a man on the moon. Going from 3B to $1,000 for a human genome is a big leap for mankind in the democratization of sequencing. This technology was not available two years ago in Mexico. Now Ion’s low cost will speed cancer research in this country.

Gianluca Pettiti (shown above):
We have condensed the 3B cost and 13 years to complete the Human Genome Project into a box (Ion Proton).

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