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Below are a few stories from the week that you may have missed. 

Life Technologies Food Safety Efforts at the 2012 Olympic Games
October 1, 2012
Watch a video showing Life Technologies efforts to help ensure the quality and safety of food being served to athletes and visitors of the 2012 Olympic Games. Read more

Will Low-Cost Genome Sequencing Open 'Pandora's Box'?
October 2, 2012
The prospect of lots of people plunging into their genomes makes many doctors very nervous. Some argue that for most people, genome sequencing could reveal false positives and be a big waste of time and money. Read more

Weekly Stem Cell Series: Part 3 - What are Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) and How is Sendai Virus used to Generate iPSCs?
October 3, 2012
In the last blog post of this weekly series we talked about the different types of pluripotent stem cells, let’s talk more about induced pluripotent stem cells and how to create them. Read more

Case Study: Sequence-based HLA Typing - How I Stopped Worrying and Started Loving Sequencing
October 3, 2012
Wake Forest HLA Lab presents the issues and challenges that provoked thoughts of changing from SSP to SBT (Sequence-based typing), reveals lessons learned during implementation and shares their personal experience of working with Life Technologies. Read more

New Video: FLoid® Click. Print. Love Your Cell Imaging
October 4, 2012
FLoid® Cell Imaging Station has many features to fall in love with. This entertaining video points them out. What's your favorite FLoid® feature? Read more