Wouldn't a free online service tool for your lab instruments make life easier to manage? 

Introducing the new, award-winning, free online tool that enables easier management of your instrument(s). The Instruments & Services Portal lets you manage instrument use and care, allows faster response to requests for service or service quotes, and instant sharing of key instrument and service information with your colleagues.

The days of leaving sticky notes on instruments to request time on them are now over! With the Instrument & Services Portal, instrument scheduling can be done online for all of the instruments in your lab, performance can be monitored and you can view a history of the maintenance that has been done on each instrument all in one place.

The Life Technologies Instruments & Services Portal helps you save time and gain peace of mind.

One easy to access location for:

  • complete service history
  • key instrument details
  • instrument-specific documentation
  • planned events (like planned maintenance)
  • warranty and service plan coverage
  • countdown for contract expiration
  • instrument alerts and closed repair details
  • checking availability and scheduling instrument time
  • sharing information with colleagues

Watch the below video or visit the Instruments & Services Portal web page to learn more about this new feature that will make managing your lab instruments a breeze.