Precise plant genome engineering is here. Life Technologies offers several solutions to support many different types of plant research.

This webinar presented by Dr. Jon Chesnut, Research Fellow at Life Technologies, is a free webinar that will introduce the latest genome editing technology for plants and explain available cloning and algae engineering tools—such as GeneArt® Precision TALs and Gateway® cloning technology—ideal for plant science researchers.

Select from 1 of 3 live webinar sessions happening from October 9-11th. Have your questions ready, as we’ll be holding a live Q&A session after each presentation. 

Space is limited—register today.

About GeneArt® Precsion TALs—the plant research technology
Precision TALs technology is derived from Xanthomonas, a genus of plant pathogens. The pathogen specifically recognizes DNA of the host with a protein containing 17–18 repeats of approximately 34 amino acids each. The nucleotide specificity is conferred by amino acids 12 and 13 within each repeat. 

Each nucleotide in the target DNA is recognized by one repeat. This 1-to-1 relationship can be used to specifically target any locus in the genome.

For more information about this technology and other plant research technologies contact our TALs specialists.