In September we hosted a live induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) event which was streamed from our Life Technologies Customer Experience Centre in Glasgow to over 30 sites and 300 scientists in Europe, at the same time!

For this virtual live broadcast we were delighted to welcome three guest speakers to this event; Monika Madej from the Ann McLaren lab at the University of Cambridge, Leopoldo Laricchia-Robbio from the CMRB in Barcelona and Marisa Jaconi from the University of Geneva. 

The speakers presented the following topics:

  • Monika Madej - “Generation and Application of Human iPSCs in Modeling Metabolic Diseases”
  • Leopoldo Laricchia-Robbio - “There will be blood: haematopoiesis through reprogramming and trans-differentiation˝
  • Marisa Jaconi - “Pluripotent stem cells: models of cardiogenesis and disease˝

The aim of the event was to provide an exciting opportunity for scientists with an interest in iPSCs to be together at the same time to hear these three renowned scientists present. Following the three presentations there was an opportunity for questions to be submitted from all of the sites across Europe. Lots of questions were submitted and a live Question and Answer session was then broadcast.

We also used a live Twitter feed during the broadcast to share comments, questions and pictures from the venues. The hashtag #LifeiPSC2012 was used before, during and after the event.

If you would like to tweet about this event please use #LifeiPSC2012.