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Hi, my name is Ken Eckert and I work as a Business Excellence Consultant in the Business Transformation Office.  I’ve been with Life Technologies for exactly one year this month.  I am originally from New York City and went to college in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  My career started as an officer in the US Air Force initially stationed here in CA at Vandenberg AFB.  Since then I’ve lived in several states around the country.  I moved here most recently from the Northern VA, Washington DC area.  I now call Carlsbad and San Diego is county my permanent home.

I love most kinds of food but particularly enjoy Japanese Stir Fry.  I’ve even started dabbling with a vegan diet lately for the health benefits I’ve read about.  I enjoy a variety of movies but particularly like any movie involving sailing.  While I like watching most sports, I can’t say I’m a die-hard fan of any team, although I do favor the NY Giants.  My all time favorite sport is sailing and I love racing sailboats (yes, right now I’m taping the America’s cup at home hoping team Oracle can pull off a miracle).  On a daily basis, I have developed a passion for cycling and that has been my primary form of exercise for the past three years.

I joined Pedal the Cause because cancer has had a direct impact on my family.  In the last several years I’ve supported numerous charity and fund raising events, primarily for diabetes since my sister is a type 1 diabetic.  But in recent years, she’s also been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Thankfully, she is a survivor.  I have one uncle who lost the battle with cancer a few years ago and another uncle (both brothers of my dad) who is currently still in the fight.  I know firsthand the pain and grief that often accompany this dreaded disease.

I now have an opportunity to combine one of my daily passions with an opportunity to make a difference.  A difference not only in the lives of those who suffer from cancer, but in the lives of their families and friends.  Yes, they’re all affected.  The fact that the funds raised in Pedal the Cause San Diego will be used by some of our nation’s top cancer research institutes that just happen to be located here, makes it that much more worthwhile.  I’m grateful for this opportunity and grateful to be part of the Life Technologies team!

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