Global Training
Researchers are often surprised to hear about all of the great educational courses we have available for them at our global training centers in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and countries throughout Europe.  Researchers often ask how they can learn to perform applications experiments and understand how to best analyze their data on their real-time PCR instruments.

Real-Time PCR Courses
Our Real-Time PCR training courses are specially designed so that attendees learn through a combination of lecture- and hands-on instructional sessions and discussions.  Courses are delivered by our award-winning team of application scientists. Collectively, this team has hundreds of years of experience in using, training and troubleshooting real-time PCR. Their knowledge, combined with our world class facilities, makes Life Technologies the ideal choice for learning. 

We design our courses to meet today’s research requirements and for both experts and novices.  While experts can augment their extensive skills and knowledge with advanced application classes such as digital PCR and miRNA analysis, novices will benefit from practical guidance for real-time PCR instrument operation, experimental design and troubleshooting.

Learn in your own lab
Unable to travel?  Training by a field application scientist in your own laboratory offers the most customized option for your laboratory applications. Please contact your local Technical Support Team to connect with a field application scientist, who will work with you to determine your training needs and explore available options.

If you would like to learn more about educational courses designed and delivered by Life Technologies Field Application Scientists, please visit the Technical Resources section of our website.  You can also follow us on Twitter  at @LifeTechSupport.