The new Ion Chip Recycling Program provides you with a free and convenient way to recycle your used Ion chips without having to leave the lab.

Life Technologies has partnered with Metech Recycling, an industry leader in electronic waste recycling to create the Ion Chip Recycling Program for Life Technologies customers. 

For over forty years, Metech has provided secure and environmentally responsible electronics recycling and asset recovery services. With this recycling program, Ion chips are crushed and the metals are recovered using standard ore-recovery processes.

According to the United Nations Environment Program, around 20 to 50 million tons of e-waste are generated worldwide each year and 70% of heavy metals in US landfills comes from electronic equipment discards.

In keeping with the goals of Life Technologies to improve the environment along with the human condition we are proud to play a role in moving science forward in a way that is environmentally responsible and sustainable to reduce the footprint of our customers as well as our own.

By following the simple instructions below we can work together to protect our precious resources by reducing waste.

How to recycle your chips

  • Save the original Ion chip box that you receive your new Ion chips in.

  • Loosely place a minimum of 20 used Ion chips inside a box. Do not include the antistatic bags.

  • Seal the box with shipping tape.

  • Affix the pre-addressed, prepaid label on top of the box that you should have received with your chip order.

  • Return box using U.S. mail.

If the original chip box is not available or if you prefer to use a larger box, you can use the return label on another box type.

Currently this program is only available in the US and its territories. The Ion chip recycling program is coming soon to Canada, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions.

Visit the Ion Torrent community to read more about this program, ask questions or watch a video about recycling Ion Chips. 

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