Dr. Wray's area of research is neurology. When we asked Dr. Wray about challenges she faced when working with iPSC's her answer was this:

“My challenge is simply to get induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) working in a department with no stem cell experience! At my host institute, I was privileged to have amazing access to patient cells for use in iPSC work, but with no experience in making iPSCs or neurons— critical for neurological disease modeling.”

How she tackled it:
“I became a nomad! I collected my patient cells and spent one year in Tilo Kunath’s lab (The MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh) making my iPSCs and becoming proficient in the skills required to generate and maintain iPSCs. Following this, I moved to Rick Livesey’s lab (The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge) to learn their recently published protocol for differentiating human stem cells into cortical neurons.”

The happy result:
“I’ll be moving back to the Institute of Neurology (UCL) in early 2013, taking all the skills and techniques I’ve learned and hopefully setting up these exciting techniques in our department.”

If you’d like to talk to Selina about her research, her Twitter handle is @SelinaWray